In the motorsports industry, 3D Scanning is becoming the primary tool engineer teams use in order to optimize both their designs and assemblies.

The pre-season is when race car finessing begins. It’s a crucial time, as designers and quality control experts must guarantee highly accurate vehicle measurements to abide by the regulations of their sport. Accurate assessment can be conducted either in the factory or directly at the racetrack – when precision counts most!

BMW Motorsport, located in Munich, chose the fourth generation of Creaform’s MetraSCAN 3D scanner as well as the HandyPROBE with the dual-camera sensor C-Track to conduct its vehicle inspections. The new generation of C-Track features built-in photogrammetry, which allows a target model to be easily acquired at the highest volumetric accuracy without the need for add-on systems.

The MetraSCAN BLACK | Elite is the leading metrology-grade 3D scanner and was perfect for BMW Motorsport’s needs. Thanks to its dynamic referencing, the vehicle and measuring system can be moved easily during the scanning process. Vibrations or leapfrogging issues do not impact measurement accuracy or reliability. The MetraSCAN 3D takes your measurements to the next level with its 30 blue laser lines, delivering high-resolution results even on glossy surfaces(does not require chalk spray). No matter the paint color or reflective surface, you’ll get exceptional accuracy without extra hassle.

The recorded data can be evaluated in any quality control software. Creaform offers VXelements software with the VXscan module for this purpose. It can also be keyed and scanned directly into leading measurement software, such as PolyWorks or Metrolog.

File size is often an issue in complete vehicle measurement in motorsports. “Creaform recommends the Smart Resolution feature in VXinspect to address file size challenges. The user is guided and given visual feedback on whether they have collected enough data for their resolution settings. In addition, the function offers Adaptive Meshing, which means that the resolution is intelligently increased in the case of curvatures,” said Harald Ferge, Account Manager at Creaform.

The combination of MetraSCAN BLACK | Elite, coupled with HandyPROBE, C-Track and the VXelements software, offers a comprehensive solution for all measurement tasks for complete vehicle measurement that can be used regardless of location.


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