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Modifications and Reproduction of Corvette Canard
THE PROBLEM One of our clients wants to reproduce a canard for a Corvette with some modifications. As a side note, the function of the canard is to provide downforce at the front of the vehicle and create vortices to help keep the vehicle stable. The problem is that the client does not have a CAD file for the canard nor does he have the 2D drawing of the part and only possesses the driver side part; the passenger side canard is missing.
TRADITIONAL METHOD To reproduce the part traditionally, approximate measurements of the canard needs to be taken and used in a CAD program to reverse engineer it.  The problem is that the surface is curved.  This makes the process much more complicated and lengthier.  To get a good fit, engineers must spend a lot of time capturing and verifying the fit by going through many design and prototype iterations.

This lack of accuracy costs time as it lengthens the design process.  Engineers can get stuck in an iterative loop trying to get a close enough fit and possibly waste material.

NEOMETRIX SOLUTION  Using the Creoform HandySCAN BLACK, the canard is scanned in minutes and an STL file is generated and then imported into Geomagic Design X where a 3D model is constructed using the data from the scanned canard.  The canard is modified to include an air deflector, per client request.  The modified canard is then is 3D printed using the BigRep Studio 3D printed.

3D Scan of Original Part

3D CAD of New Design (View 1)

3D CAD of New Design (View 2)


Reverse engineering at NeoMetrix is a straightforward, simple, and fast process that saves clients time, money, and headache.  How?  Well, the 3D scanner used in this project captures the geometry with an accuracy of .025mm (.001”) at an incredible speed, ensuring a perfect fit at a fast pace.  Also, the modified part is 3D printed to reduce the cost of prototyping and speed up the turnaround time.


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