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Champion Motorsport was looking to move their aerodynamic testing to a completely digital platform.  NeoMetrix utilized the Creaform MetraSCAN Black Elite 3D scanner to completely capture all exterior surfaces of Champion’s race cars and convert them to accurate digital representations.  Once scanned, the 3D mesh was imported into Geomagic Wrap where a water-tight mesh was finalized for digital fluid-flow analysis.  This advancement eliminated costly trips to a physical wind tunnel, most of which are in high demand for racing and automotive teams across the country.

Creaform 3D Scanners

Complete 3D Scan of Porsche GT2RS

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A secondary application was to scan upgradeable performance components and the cavities in which they reside within the cars.  This allowed Champion Motorsport to create 3D models of their own optimized designs and ensure that both the fittings are properly positioned, and the external geometry will drop right into their respective locations with no guess-and-check work, completely eliminating redesigns due to part interference.

Interior/Dashboard 3D Scan data

Geometry broken down into region groups – Design X

“3D Scanning is a real game changer for the aftermarket automotive industry.  The ability to rapidly capture the complex geometry of existing cars enables designers to develop new parts that fit correctly on the first pass, eliminating time delays and costly rework.”

-Dan Perreault, President & Lead Engineer of NeoMetrix


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