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Go!SCAN Spark

Easy, Fast, and Reliable 3D Scanner with True Accuracy

$29,900 USD — was $34,750

The GoSCAN Spark product line offers our easiest portable 3D scanning experience, providing exceptionally fast yet reliable measurements. This scanner captures great texture and geometry gathering and good details in a rich color palette.

3D Scan-to-CAD Software

for just $5,000

XIP- The Complete Package

– XiP Desktop 3D Printer

– Wash+Cure and XiP Air

– xCLEAN (5L)

– xMODEL15-Gray and xABS3843 (1kg)

– Everlast 2 Membranes (3-pk)

– Evercare Service Plan (1 year)

– FREE – NexaX Pro Software (1 year)

$9,995   was $11,031



+ Financing Promotion

•  Printing with the BigRep STUDIO just got a whole lot faster. 

• First and last payment due at signing, followed by 22 monthly payments
• Term options up to 60 Months with 90 Days Deferred Payments available upon request
• Valid through June 28, 2024.

Use Promo Code: G2FINANCE