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Now is your chance to start printing big with a $25,000 cash discount on the BigRep PRO, a 1 m3 powerhouse. The PRO is built to take you from prototyping to production by providing a highly scalable solution to manufacture end-use parts, factory tooling, and more using high-performance, engineering-grade materials.


BigRep PRO 3D Printer

$25,000 cash discount valid only for the purchase of the BigRep PRO.2 model

SAVE BIG Promotion Details

  • PO and down payment must be received by October 31, 2022, 11:59 pm EST
  • Offer to new PRO customers only
  • SAVE BIG Discount not combinable with previously quoted discounts
  • Offer valid only in the United States, Canada, and Mexico

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Offer ends October 31, 2022

Mark Two 


Faster Route Available 20% Off Promotion

In recognition of global supply chain issues, we want to make it easier for companies to adopt additive manufacturing with a limited time sale that will conclude at the end of Q3.

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Offer ends September 31, 2022


With the new release of the updated models from Creaforms Silver Series line up, and the release of Geomagic Design X Essentials software, we have put together a highly-effective and comprehensive bundle for with the most affordable promotion prices for a complete 3D Scanning and reverse engineering solution.

The Elite Silver Series scanners offer new blue laser technology for even better performance on non-cooperative surfaces (no more spray!).  Design X Essentials includes the core functionality that you need to jumpstart your reverse engineering productivity.

Get one of the latest Creaform 3D Scanners along with Geomagic Design X Essentials to improve your reverse engineering results and ensure accuracy across all your projects with this limited time deal!  See our deals below!

HandySCAN 700 Elite Bundle

Promo Code: HSCANDXE700

What’s Included:

HandySCAN 700|Elite $36,900.00
Design X Essentials $10,000.00
Training (2 Days @Neo) $2,598.00
Total $49,498.00
Promo Price $46,999

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Expires 9/30/2022

HandySCAN 307 Elite Bundle

Promo Code: HSCANDXE307

What’s Included:

HandySCAN 307|Elite $27,900.00
Design X Essentials $10,000.00
Training (2 Days @Neo) $2,598.00
Total $40,498.00
Promo Price $37,999

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Expires 9/30/2022