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Success Stories & Testimonials

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Ahmed Karaze
Ahmed Karaze
November 10, 2021.
Excellent service's and customers cared for. Thank you.
Alex Vaipan
Alex Vaipan
June 16, 2021.
I just started working with NeoMetrix recently and needed their reverse engineering via 3D scanning services on a part. They did great work and fast delivery at a reasonable cost! I would definitely recommend them and I'm sure I'll do more business with them in the future!
David Liquori
David Liquori
March 7, 2021.
I’ve had Neometrix scan some items for reverse engineering as well as do some CAD repair. They are fast, responsive, their work is great, and their prices are great. I plan to use them more in the future and they’d be my first recommendation for scanning services.
gustavo garcia
gustavo garcia
September 12, 2018.
Robert Belgau
Robert Belgau
April 18, 2017.
I had Neometrix scan several components that required the collection of geometry for reverse engineering. We have been very happy with the results, pricing and the friendly staff.