NeoMetrix Technologies is proud to introduce the latest innovation in 3D printing technology: Mark Two and Onyx Pro Turbo Print.

With this new advancement, we’ve doubled the print speed of our Gen 2 Mark Two and Onyx Pro printers, ushering in a new era of efficiency and productivity.

Faster, Smarter Printing

Mark Two and Onyx Pro Turbo Print introduces a new 250 µm layer height print mode, delivering print speed increases of up to 2x compared to previous settings. This means that parts are delivered quicker, printer throughput is increased, and design iterations are completed sooner, providing you with more value and a higher ROI.

Unlocking Potential Across Industries

Turbo Print isn’t just about speed; it’s about unlocking potential across a range of industries. Whether you have high printer utilization, operate a print farm, need to produce MRO parts quickly, or respond rapidly to line changeovers on the factory floor, Turbo Print has you covered. With faster printing speeds, you can accelerate product development, reduce timelines, and ensure that your factory floor operates seamlessly.

Maintaining Quality, Increasing Efficiency

Even at 250 µm, parts printed with Mark Two and Onyx Pro Turbo Print maintain the same surface finish quality as those printed at 200 µm. This means that you can enjoy faster printing without sacrificing quality. The benefits are clear: parts get made faster when you need them, product development is accelerated, factory floors operate more efficiently, and job shops can accept more jobs.

Available at NeoMetrix Technologies

Looking to harness the power of Mark Two and Onyx Pro Turbo Print for your business or engineering projects? Look no further than NeoMetrix Technologies. Our company provides cutting-edge prototyping and engineering solutions, offering access to printers that produce parts in one of today’s most flawless materials: Onyx and Onyx-CF.

Don’t let slow printing speeds hold you back. Contact NeoMetrix Technologies today to learn more about Mark Two and Onyx Pro Turbo Print and take your production to the next level.

How to Get Turbo Print

Mark Two and Onyx Pro Turbo Print is compatible with Gen 2 devices, supports our Onyx filament, and requires no hardware changes. Compatible Mark Two and Onyx Pro online printers require a firmware update. Offline Eiger users with active licenses will receive this feature packaged in a future quarterly software update.


Due to hardware limitations, Turbo Print is not compatible with Gen 1 desktops or Gen 2 Onyx Ones:


  • Gen 1 Onyx One, Gen 1 Onyx Pro, and Gen 1 Mark Two printers are incompatible because the Gen 1 extruder does not have sufficient filament push-force and the wiring in the printer does not support the Gen 2 extruder so an extruder swap is not possible.

  • Gen 2 Onyx One printers lack a fiber heater, which is required to generate the heat necessary to melt plastic fast enough for 250 µm printing.

  • It is easy to figure out if your printer is a Gen 1 or Gen 2. Simply look at the product label on the back of the device.

  • While we stopped selling Gen 1 desktops in 2019, they will continue to receive support through December 31, 2026, if covered by an active support plan or under warranty. Read this bulletin for more details.


Like our other printers, Mark Two and Onyx Ones print strong, functional parts, are operated by secure and intuitive software, are proven and reliable, and are easy to use. And now, they are twice as fast.

Your 3D Problems…SOLVED!

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