Revolutionizing EVOA EV Boat Motors with NeoMetrix 3D Printing Solutions

Discover the Unmatched Power and Performance of ADVANCED ELECTRIFIED PROPULSION and it's 3D Printing Development


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NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc. collaborated with a leading manufacturer of electric propulsion systems for recreational boats. The company aimed to develop high-performance 400+ horsepower EV boat motors for OEM applications. With a focus on innovation and customization, the project involved extensive prototyping over two years.




During the iteration process, the company faced challenges with traditional methods of prototyping. Previous systems were built into existing casings, limiting design flexibility and customization. As the project progressed, the need for rapid prototyping to produce custom parts quickly and facilitate faster design changes became evident.


EVOA, previously relying on thermoforming processes, sought to enhance their competitive edge in the design process. As their reliance on thermoforming became increasingly cost-prohibitive over time and adjustments proved cumbersome, EVOA recognized the need for a more agile and cost-effective solution. Transitioning to 3D printing offered a transformative shift, enabling them to streamline their design iterations and significantly reduce production costs. With 3D printing, EVOA gained the flexibility to implement changes swiftly and efficiently, empowering their design team to iterate rapidly and stay ahead of the competition. This strategic transition to 3D printing not only optimized their design process but also positioned EVOA for greater innovation and competitiveness in their industry.

“Our team at EVOA has been developing an EV boat motor for OEM for the past 2 years. We got to a point in our development process where 3D Printing was the most efficient and high-quality process to get this to a final product stage, that’s where we contacted NeoMetrix.

Previously we were building these systems to existing casings that were not our original design. Another reason we went with 3D printing is the have a customized and unique design. If we’re developing our own product we might as well do it the right way!”

-Isaac Anderson, EVOA- Brand Development Expert


NeoMetrix introduced its ProHT 3D printing solution on the BigRep ONE to address the challenges faced by the manufacturer. The ProHT print enabled the stylization and customization of products while providing high-quality functionality. By leveraging 3D printing technology, the company aimed to streamline the prototyping process, reduce iteration cycles, and avoid doubling costs on prototyping.

Post Processing

The process involved a combination of fiberglass and dense plastics to create durable and functional parts. NeoMetrix experts collaborated closely with the manufacturer to design attachment points directly onto the 3D prints, ensuring seamless integration into the final product. Following printing, the parts underwent finishing processes at an auto body shop, including sandblasting, application of bondo, priming, painting, and clear coating.

The only marine company providing high-performance EV batteries:

  • Industry-leading 800V- Advanced Architecture
  • Best in Class Motor – Power/Weight ratio
  • Highest Energy – Density @ 200WH/KG
  • Fastest Level 2 Charging – 3-4 Hrs. Activity Time
  • On Board Telematics


  • Customization: 3D printing allowed for the creation of highly customized parts tailored to the specific needs of the project.
  • Speed: Rapid prototyping significantly accelerated the product development timeline, reducing time-to-market for the EV boat motors.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By minimizing the need for traditional thermoforming methods, 3D printing helped optimize costs and resources.
  • Iterative Design: The iterative design process facilitated by 3D printing enabled the manufacturer to iterate quickly on design changes, leading to improved product iterations and overall performance.

In conclusion, NeoMetrix’s expertise in 3D printing technology played a pivotal role in overcoming the challenges faced by the manufacturer in developing 400+ horsepower EV boat motors. By embracing innovative solutions and leveraging the advantages of 3D printing, the company achieved its goal of creating high-performance electric propulsion systems for recreational use, setting new standards in the industry.


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