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Geomagic Design X software is playing a vital role in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project (ITER) that aims to achieve nuclear fusion as a large-scale, carbon-free source of energy. The project involves 35 nations and includes the construction of a tokamak nuclear fusion reactor in the south of France.

Geomagic Design X is among the most cutting-edge technologies being used to design and build the complex. Nuclear fusion reactions take place billions of times per second at the Sun’s core, generating enough energy to power the Earth multiple times over. Achieving nuclear fusion on Earth offers a near-limitless supply of energy with no carbon emissions and little nuclear waste.

The tokamak device being constructed at the ITER complex aims to confine and control plasma, a state in which gas is heated to such elevated temperatures that electrons are separated from nuclei. The finished tokamak is expected to produce 500 MW of fusion power and will weigh 23,000 tons, measuring 28 meters in diameter, making it the largest ever built.


To create the tokamak’s plasma chamber, nine sectors measuring over 11 meters are being assembled, each manufactured separately and then joined together with the surrounding parts. The different sections of the sectors must meet up perfectly, so the Spain-based company Equipos Nucleares SA (ENSA) used 3D scanning to design made-to-measure pieces that would connect them. ENSA scanned the parts and created the CAD files in Geomagic Design X, which allowed them to create an exact and editable 3D design of the edges.

ENSA’s engineering department used the 3D geometries to create perfectly-fitting splice plates, metal plates used to fix two or more members together, and the biscuits, smaller connectors keeping two parts in place. The result is a precise and seamless construction of the tokamak device, an enormous engineering endeavor that demonstrates the potential of cutting-edge technologies like Geomagic Design X to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing humanity.


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