Geomagic Design X


Geomagic Design X is the fastest path from 3D scan to CAD. It is the only software that combines robust 3D scan
processing and complete CAD design functionality, so you can reverse engineer virtually anything faster, more
accurately, and more reliably than any other method.

With the new capabilities of Geomagic Design X 2020, you will benefit from streamlined modeling workflows as
well as expanded modeling pathways for complex, revolved parts:

  • Unique unroll/reroll function enables a new modeling workflow for complex revolved parts resulting
    in a 94% efficiency improvement
  • New features for hybrid surfacing workflows streamline modeling workflows for molding, casting,
    optimization, and medical applications, resulting in accelerated productivity, improved
    downstream CAD re-usability
  • New Preview Framework to existing customers on maintenance – get access to a set of tools not yet
    implemented in the official release and be the first to enjoy new capabilities
  • Additional Enhancements – Improved surfacing performance, LiveTransfer updates, New licensing systems



Parametric CAD Models from 3D Scan Data

Geomagic Design X uses proven solid and surface modeling techniques to create CAD models from point clouds and polygon meshes produced by 3D scanners. Unlike the raw data that is created by a 3D scanner, these CAD models are lightweight, made up of editable features, and are directly usable for machining, design changes, simulations, analysis, and much more. And unlike first- or second-generation reverse engineering approaches, the models you create in Design X aren’t just static NURBS surfaces. They can be manipulated, edited, updated, and changed at any time and in any way you define. And every model created in Geomagic Design X is sure to be accurate. The patent-pending Accuracy Analyzer™ shows real-time deviation analysis while you redesign the part, so you can ensure your finished model is faithful to the original 3D scan. And it saves time because you never have to leave Design X to check your modeling accuracy.

Capture Design Intent

In Geomagic Design X, you’re not just capturing the shape of the scanned object, you’re capturing its original design intent as well. XOR automatically detects features, such as revolves, extrusions, sweeps, and fillets, on the scanned object. Finished CAD models from Design X are “intelligent” – they contain both form and function. Because the models are made up of features extracted from scans, rather than just surfaces that are fit to scan data, they are much cleaner and have defined dimensions and constraints. Depending on the need, you may want your reverse-engineered models to match the exact geometry of the real world part, including all of its imperfections. But more often than not, a pristine, idealized CAD model that represents the original design intent of the part is preferred. Design X is the only reverse engineering software that extracts design intent as CAD features.

Seamless Interoperability with Full Modeling History in Your CAD System

CAD models are the industry standard for communicating design parameters and manufacturing requirements. Once the 3D scan data of a part has been modeled in Geomagic Design X, a fully parametric solid model with modeling history can be exported through the patent-pending liveTransfer™ and modified in SolidWorks®, Siemens NX™, and CREO®.   More interfaces are being developed for release in future versions.  Other 3D applications can open models created in Design X using industry-standard formats like Parasolid®, STP, and IGS.

Faster Than Any Other reverse engineering Approach

Geomagic Design X takes an elegantly simple approach to reverse engineering: redesign an object the same way it was originally designed. Because Design X uses 3D scan data as a template on which to build a CAD model, rather than converting the scan data into a NURBS surface model.  You don’t need to spend much time cleaning or editing the point cloud or polygon mesh itself. Traditional first- and second-generation reverse engineering approaches require a perfected mesh, which can sometimes take hours to refine. With Design X, you skip directly to making the CAD model. Benchmark tests have shown that this third-generation approach cuts complex reverse engineering jobs from days to hours. SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Parasolid, and CREO are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners in the U.S. and in other countries.

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