As the electric vehicle (EV) industry grows rapidly, manufacturers face challenges in efficiently producing complex components.

To stay competitive, automotive suppliers must focus on cost savings, time to market, and design optimization. 3D printing electrical components, particularly busbars, using pure Copper on the Metal X system offers a significant opportunity. This article explores how prototyping busbars through Metal X accelerates time to market, reduces costs, and optimizes designs.

Busbars are critical for efficient power distribution in EVs, and their intricate design requires working within form factor and heat dissipation constraints. Traditional manufacturing methods for busbars result in high costs and long lead times. However, Metal X’s 3D printing capabilities in pure Copper enable rapid prototyping, costing around $55 per iteration with just a three-day lead time. Compared to traditional fabrication, Metal X can achieve nine iterations in the same time, allowing engineers to test designs in real-world conditions without delays.

The Metal X system empowers manufacturers to prototype with electroconductive materials, providing faster and more cost-effective solutions. Unlike alternative metal AM technologies limited to Copper alloys, Metal X’s ability to print pure Copper parts yields crucial performance insights for production busbars. Leveraging the faster design cycles enabled by 3D printing leads to highly optimized designs, giving businesses a competitive advantage in securing contracts and expanding in their growing market. Additionally, Metal X’s portfolio includes other industrial metals like stainless steel, tool steels, and superalloys/nickel alloys, offering versatility for a wide range of prototyping and production challenges.

Materials: 17-4PH Stainless Steel, Copper, Inconel 625, H13 Tool Steel, A2 and D2 Tool Steel

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