Unlock the full potential of Additive Manufacturing in the academic realm with NeoMetrix Technologies. Universities and research institutes are at the forefront of fostering innovation, and 3D printing has become a cornerstone in supporting scientists, researchers, and students in their pursuit of knowledge.

NeoMetrix offers cutting-edge solutions to bolster creativity and accelerate the innovation cycle.

“Students start to think about future fields of application of 3D technology. For that purpose, it’s very important for the students to understand the technology.

Prof. Dr. Dana Mietzner, TH Wildau

Fueling True Innovation – Getting BigRep 3D Printers for your Facility

Equip researchers, professors, and students with advanced tools and methodologies powered by Additive Manufacturing. NeoMetrix provides the resources and equipment to invent and prototype at an unprecedented pace, fostering a culture of innovation within your institution.

BigRep 3D Printers allow users to print parts acceleratedly, with little to no limits on size. Enable students to think more creatively by freeing them from the restrictions of traditional processes. Get complete access to some of the most innovative and reliable 3D printing materials that are being used across a variety of applications and industries.

Revolutionizing Teaching

Transform educational methodologies and engage students in a new era of learning. NeoMetrix empowers educators to reimagine their teaching approaches, introducing hands-on experiences with 3D printing that enhance understanding and retention.

Increasing Creativity

Step beyond the limitations of conventional fabrication methods and ignite a new wave of creativity in your students or programs. With NeoMetrix’s BigRep 3D printers, the realm of what’s possible in educational settings is vastly expanded. BigRep’s advanced technology surpasses other 3D printers by offering:

      • Unmatched Build Volume
      • Superior Material Compatibility
      • Precision and Quality
      • Ease of Use and Safety
      • Cost-Effective Prototyping

Inspiring Students & Accelerating Innovation

NeoMetrix understands the pivotal role universities and research institutes play in driving progress. Our 3D printing solutions serve as catalysts for inspiration, offering researchers, scientists, students, and educators the ideal tools to test new ideas, iterate rapidly, and unleash their creativity. From producing prototypes for experimentation to revolutionizing scientific methods, NeoMetrix is your partner in advancing knowledge and fostering a culture of innovation in education and research.

Temp Resistant. Biodegradable. Food Compliant. Dynamic.

  • Large-Scale Capabilities
  • On-demand Production
  • Make prototypes and end-use parts
  • Intuitive Slicing Software Included –BigRep Blade
  • Easy to set up

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If you’re navigating manufacturing design challenges, our diverse range of materials, cutting-edge equipment, and specialized services are here to support your goals. NeoMetrix is dedicated to assisting you in harnessing the full potential 3D Printing technology. Your journey in additive manufacturing is our collective opportunity to shape the future of education and innovation.

Feel free to connect with us at any point – together, let’s unlock new possibilities and empower educational excellence.

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