First Article Inspection

What is First Article Inspection?

For companies in industries with strict manufacturing and part quality requirements, such as aerospace, automotive and medical firms, a First Article Inspection (FAI) is required in order to verify that the part is up to standard. First article inspections provide a complete check of every single measurement and dimension of the first part produced to ensure that the product(s) will be manufactured to the exact specification required.

Traditional methods are long, tenuous and very fragile. With our cutting-edge metrology devices, however, we are able to perform first article inspections in just a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the part. By doing a first article inspection, manufacturing errors are all but elimination and the specifications are stored digitally so users can access them at any time.

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The Purpose of First Article Inspection

  • Confirm all design from engineering and specification are verified and met
  • Verify whether the production process is functional and consistent or not
  • Establish a clear understanding with buyers and creating good communication
  • Ensure all drawings are accurate and any design changes have been included
  • Determine that all tooling necessary to produce specific part meets all the established specifications
  • Verify that the manufacturing process is legitimate and the desired production is obtainable


Ensure your parts are manufactured to your exact specifications by using NeoMetrix Technologies’ First Article Inspection service.