As the automotive landscape shifts towards sustainable energy, electric vehicles (EVs) are driving the transition from gas-powered cars. NeoMetrix, as a reseller of Creaform 3D scanners, recognizes the importance of this transformation and the role precision technology plays in it.

3D Scanning and Automotive EV Development

With recent showcases featuring future EV models from major manufacturers like Acura, Audi, and Mercedes, the demand for innovative EV designs is skyrocketing. Additionally, there’s a growing trend in the aftermarket sector for converting combustion vehicles to electric, driven by DIY enthusiasts and classic car collectors.

However, transitioning to EVs or converting traditional cars demands more than just swapping batteries—it requires precision engineering and attention to detail. At the core of this revolution in vehicle design lies 3D scanning technology.

We spoke with one of Creaform’s clients, Phiaro, to understand how they leverage 3D scanners to convert conventional vehicles into EVs.

Phiaro, an industrial engineering company based in Japan with offices in Irvine, California, specializes in research, design, and product development for the automotive sector. With over 80 years of experience, Phiaro is renowned for pushing technological boundaries. They utilize Creaform’s Go!SCAN SPARK to transform the vehicle design process.

When creating new EV models, metrology-grade 3D scanners allow engineers to precisely capture 3D measurements of existing combustion-engine vehicles. These measurements serve as the foundation for designing EV counterparts. Traditional design methods involving physical prototypes are time-consuming and resource-intensive. By contrast, 3D scanners significantly reduce costs and accelerate time to market for EV manufacturers.

Phiaro’s design teams rely on Creaform’s Go!SCAN SPARK to replace cumbersome methods like photography or legacy equipment fixed to a jig. The Go!SCAN SPARK delivers accurate measurements without the need for positioning targets, saving time and ensuring engineering precision.

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In addition to 3D scanning, Phiaro integrates mixed reality (MR) technologies into their workflow. By combining the Go!SCAN SPARK with MR tools, engineers create accurate virtual models of vehicles. This virtual validation process reduces design and testing time while facilitating real-time collaboration among global teams.

Phiaro’s engineering managers foresee a bright future for Creaform’s 3D scanners in EV design workflows. As the automotive industry continues to innovate in EV design and performance, Creaform’s 3D measurement technologies stand ready to support organizations’ product development and quality control needs. Contact NeoMetrix today to learn more about how Creaform’s solutions can transform your organization’s EV design capabilities.

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