At NeoMetrix we’ve invested in a wide variety of 3D Scanning & Printing technologies in order to meet the demands of our customers. From high-accuracy 3D Scanning,  and Reverse Engineering, to engineering-grade 3D Printing , we’ve got you covered directly from our facility here in Florida.

It was exciting to attend the AMCON event here in Orlando, FL. Manufacturing companies from all over were present and we were happy to share our solutions. Below is a presentation by our NeoMetrix team highlighting our solutions and equipment to explain how companies have been benefiting from these technologies. Give it a watch!

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Direct Digital Manufacturing by Dan Perreault HERE!

Direct Digital Manufacturing is the cutting-edge of industry trends. The process eliminates hand measuring, drawing, molding, machining and casting while producing high quality CAD models or high-performance parts of many materials. This means that companies and engineers can simplify their prototyping or design process and achieve industrial accuracy and results quicker!

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

The process of developing and manufacturing parts has become more simple than ever before. To make sure that companies are able to stay competitive, they need help from professionals who specialize in different fields such as design or engineering so their products can be produced efficiently with high quality standards attached at every step along the way!

CAD Modeling & Prototyping- Engineers utilize 3D scans to create CAD models, which can then be Reverse engineered to make adjustments or more iterations

Computer-Aided Inspection- 3D Scans are compared to the original part to measure and determine if there are any errors or deviations from the original. This helps with keeping products uniform and accurate, and also helps comply with industry/legal standards.

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

The world of manufacturing has seen many changes in the last century. With 3D printing, we now have a new way to produce products that is more efficient and less environmentally hazardous than any other method out there!
In addition this technology offers us opportunities for customization never before possible through limitations on size or shape.

Our 3D printers can produce parts in a variety of different photopolymer materials, composites, and metals. Recently we have seen a large increase in companies using 3D printing in their production process to prototype to ensure correct fits and fuctions before creating a final part or mass producing. In the long run, the main benefits are saving cost, time, and materials!

Direct digital manufacturing is an increasingly popular alternative to conventional techniques for producing goods, with each success making the advancements stronger.

Today’s most competitive companies in the world use modern engineering-grade manufacturing equipment across all industries.

From Prototypes to Production Parts!

improve your product development workflow with top of the line equipment and services featuring:

  • Metal & Composite 3D Printing with Markforged
  • Large Format 3D Printing with BigRep
  • INTAMSYS 3D Printing Systems
  • High-Performance Materials Overview
  • 3D Scanners from Creaform
  • Reverse Engineering & Inspection with Geomagic and VXElements

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