Ansys Discovery AIM

Integrated Platform for In-Depth Design Exploration

Why ANSYS Discovery AIM?

  • High-fidelity, highest-accuracy simulation for detailed analysis of product performance
  • Broadest set of physics in the industry including fluids, structural, modal, thermal, electronics, topology optimization and multiphysics.
  • Intuitive, customizable, and guided workflows accelerate learning curves for all users.
  • Simulations are run with proven and accurate ANSYS solver technology for detailed design validation

Upfront Simulation

ANSYS Discovery AIM provides users with upfront simulation, allowing for digital exploration of design concepts and the testing of crucial design elements using simulation. This upfront simulation provides critical information needed to make the right decisions, reduce costs of prototyping, and avoid unworkable designs. Get your innovations to the market faster and cheaper with upfront simulation.

Design Engineering

The upfront simulation process is made easy by combining intuitive, guiding workflows, accurate simulation results and optimization into one simulation tool. Integrated geometry modeling based on ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim technology helps you create new 3D concept models, or edit/repair existing geometry. Find the optimal design faster thanks to unmatched parametric and optimization capabilities that allow for automatic design space exploration.

Customized Solutions

Discovery AIM provides users the ability to easily simulate throughout their engineering process. Customize user interfaces to comply with organizational standards for simulation and seamlessly create industry-specific template for your applications.


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