3D printing will be the future of modern business!

Today’s additive manufacturing processes allow businesses to save time and money with projects of any size. This innovative technology is a game changer for any company looking at cutting down costs in production by having access to the latest engineering-grade 3d printers on the market. In this article we will expand on 8 Ways 3D Printing can benfit your business!


BigRep Pro

1) Resources & Materials

The use of additive manufacturing has the potential to reduce both your overhead and environmental impact. Not only does this significantly improve profitability, but it also helps you focus on what really matters – creating innovative products for customers!

NeoMetrix is the one of Central Florida’s leading providers of 3D printing services & Equipment. We utilize FF, FDM, SLS and SLA technologies for producing parts in a variety materials that can be printed with ultra-high layer thickness to create highly detailed models across many application areas from medical devices & prosthetics development all way up through final end-use parts. Explore a wide range of materials with different properties and characteristics such as thermal restistance, checmical resistance, impact durability, plus more!

2) Power of Customization

3D printing is changing the way we think about customization. It’s never been easier to personalize products for your own needs or those of customers with unique requirements, and this trend shows no sign so far of slowing down!

With 3D printing, you can customize products for your customers efficiently and quickly. This is the perfect way to offer them exactly what they need without wasting time or money on unneeded features!

3) Rapid Prototyping & Product Development

Creating prototypes is a great way for companies to attract investors and potential customers. However, you may need create prototype versions of your product at various stages in development – this can be costly or time consuming if done on top of what’s going into production!

By employing a 3D Printer, throughout a design process you will be able to print a part at various times to test fit, performance, and functionality, before a final part is produced.

 4) Advanced 3D Printing Technology

One of the main advantages to invest in an industrial 3d printer over a traditional manufacturing process is that it requires much less labor.

3D Printing offers an almost limitless number of options for producing virtually any shape or size you require in both composites as well as metals; this includes everything from simple objects like tools needed daily by employees throughout the manufacturing process all way up through complex components used near final production stages when high accuracy becomes essential.

5) Fewer Pieces of Equipment

With less equipment, your company uses less space, which reduces the operating costs of your business. With additive manufacturing’s unique adaptive abilities, you won’t have to shut down your whole production line! That way there can be more attention to one process and piece of machinery. Solve your additive manufacturing challenges in less time with high-quality, trimming time from your manufacturing process and saving you money.

6) Covered with Maintenance Plans

With 3D printing, you can produce any object at the push of a button.Not only does this technology have an incredibly low maintenance cost but it also requires very few pieces in comparison with older methods like metal casting or injection molding which require tons more equipment overall just so that one product could be made successfully by them both ways.

With additive manufacturing available now through many different vendors across industries worldwide there’s never been better reason than ever before to innovate using the best available solutions.

At NeoMetrix, we offer Maintenence Plans and Professional Training for all equipment, so that you and your team can have the best experience.

7) No More Outsourcing

For many businesses, outsourcing manufacturing services is a necessity. You may need to order a particular piece or element of your product from an outside source. Outsourcing is a commonplace practice in the 20th- and 21st-century manufacturing world.

3D printing is changing the way companies are producing products, with adding the ability to print directly from a facility or office. This reduces costs and speeds up production time as you don’t have rely another company’s timeline for any project!

8) Complete Control of Manufacturing & Development

Through integrating 3D Printing into any business strategy, companies have been able to keep clients happy with accurate and high-quality prints that fit just about any specialized need from automotive parts, to aerospace, to firearm, to medical. Increase speed, effiency, and lower expenses in every step of your design stage. With 3D Printing technology, become a leader in YOUR INDUSTRY!

Here’s how we can help solve your 3D Printing challenges!


Technology:  FDM/FFF

Max Build:  1000 x 500 x 500 mm (39 x 19 x 19 in)


  • ProHT, PLA, HiTemp CF

  • Break Away & Soluble Supports

  • Other materials also available

BigRep Pro

True to its name, BigRep  makes machines for big prints, and the PRO is no exception. With a build envelope of one cubic meter, the machine is made for 3D printing of large-scale industrial objects, enabling countless application possibilities.

BigRep Studio G2

With the BigRep Studio G2, we introduce a new dimension of large-scale 3D printing. The print volume of 500mm x 1000mm x 500mm provides space for large objects, while also enabling high precision and faster printing. The size of the BigRep Studio is optimal for setting up the printer in almost every location.

BigRep ONE V3

The BigRep ONE v3 was created to make 3D printing for large-scale objects as easy as possible. Every detail has received our full expertise and experience — for better quality, higher speed, and increased safety.


Technology:  FDM/FFF

Max Build:  305 x 305 x 406 mm (12 x 12 x 16 in)


  • ABS, PC,  PLA, PA6, PA6 CF, Peek, Peek CF

  • Break away & soluble supports

  • Other materials also available


With a simple set up, the FUNMAT PRO 410 is definitely an easy and comfortable to use industrial machine. Smart features like filament jam warning, filament absence warning, power failure recovery will make your printing experience smoother and more pleasant.


The FUNMAT HT is fully capable of 3D printing high-performance functional materials like PEEK, ULTEM and PPSU, in addition to a broad range of engineering thermoplastics. Users can achieve 50-micron high resolution industrial quality 3D printing of the FUNMAT HT.

Fully Functional Components

Fan Blade -- PEEK

High-Accuracy Parts

Electronics Hardware-- ABS



Technology:  FDM/FFF

Max Build:  330 x 270 x 200 mm (13 x 10.6 x 7.9 in)

Materials:  Onyx (PA6 CF)

Reinforcing Fiber:  Continuous Carbon (0.15 in min. thickness)


Technology:  FDM/FFF

Max Build:  235 x 65 x 68 mm (9.25 x 2.7 x 2.6 in)

Materials:  17-4 Stainless, & Tool Steel

X7 - Industrial Series

The X7 delivers breakthrough quality and precision in 3D printing. The top-of-the-line industrial grade platform features a strengthened dual nozzle print system that supports Continuous Carbon Fiber and Kevlar reinforcement. Laser inspection scans parts mid-print to ensure dimensional accuracy for the most critical tolerances.

Metal X

Go from design to fully functional metal parts with speed and precision — the Metal X is an end-to-end manufacturing solution.

Mark Two

The Mark Two Desktop 3D Printer couples unmatched reliability with Markforged’s distinct continuous carbon fiber reinforcement to create a system that provides users incredibly strong, versatile parts. 

Bracket - Markforged Onyx

Skull from 3D Scan (~2” tall) - Markforged Metal X -- 17-4 Stainless Steel

Technology:  Multijet Modeling

Max Build:  294 x 211 x 144 mm (11.6 x 8.3 x 5.6 in)


  • Acrylic Plastic:  Visijet White & Clear

  • Polypropylene/ABS-Like:  Visjet Armor

Medical Device Parts – Projet Visijet Armor

3D printing is a cost effective method to analyze your part designs before committing to the high cost of tooling development or the machining of production parts. NeoMetrix utilizes MultiJet, PolyJet, CFF, FDM, SLS and SLA technologies for 3D printing.  Our 3D printers can produce parts in a variety of different photopolymer materials.  Ultra fine layer thickness create accurate, clean, smooth and highly detailed 3-dimensional models for a variety of applications:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Concept Modeling
  • Silicone Molding
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Rapid Tooling


We have extensive experience working with a wide range of customers to help them produce the best possible product. Whether you’re looking for prototypes or end-use parts, we’ll do everything in our power make sure that your needs are met!

  • Engineering-grade and chemical resistant materials to meet the requirements for your parts
  • From Small high-resolution and detailed parts, to large-format functional parts
  • Thousands of successfully printed parts for clients across various industries and still growing!

Get in touch with us to help solve your design challenges!


  • Historical duplicates for display
  • Accurate dimensional references


  • Prototypes
  • Sculptures


  • Interior/ Exterior parts & accessories


  • Create models during development process

Fashion & Jewellery

  • Rings, earrings, necklace pendants
  • Accessories


  • Prosthetics
  • Silicone molding for simulations
  • Hardware for medical equipment


  • Utensil and tools
  • FDA Approved Material


  • ESD Safe materials
  • Engineering-grade materials


  • Components
  • Adjustment Tools


  • Air ducts, wall panels, seat frameworks, & engine components

Media & Entertainment

  • Movie Props
  • Replicas


  • Replacement parts
  • Manufacturing tools

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