From aerospace components and fashion, to medicine, explore how 3D printing is reshaping our world across many industries.

If we look at just about anything we use on a daily basis, there is a strong chance that 3D Printing solutions has a positive impact. From waking up in the morning and grabbing your toothbrush, to engine components in our everyday transportation vehicles, additive manufacturing in fact does play a key role.

This is because the advancements of the materials and overall technology is growing at such an increasing rate. Naturally, this tool of production will automate many processes of development in many industries.

3D printers could be bought to use in anyone’s living room or office, and for many, it marks the start of the next industrial revolution. Fast-forward to today and 3D printing has been used to develop the world’s first fully drivable 3D-printed car, made up of 212 layers, and has enabled astronauts to quickly print much-needed tools on the International Space Station. One day soon, it could herald the start of a whole new way of farming, making clothes or building homes. We could even see the dawn of fully functional 3D-printed human organs.

Let’s take a look at the industries and innovations being shaped by 3D printing today. And if you want to get started with 3D modelling, see our best 3D modeling software roundup, or explore our inspirational recent client projects!


  • Historical duplicates for display
  • Accurate dimensional references


  • Prototypes
  • Sculptures


  • Interior/ Exterior parts & accessories


  • Create models during development process

Fashion & Jewellery

  • Rings, earrings, necklace pendants
  • Accessories


  • Prosthetics
  • Silicone molding for simulations
  • Hardware for medical equipment


  • Utensil and tools
  • FDA Approved Material


  • ESD Safe materials
  • Engineering-grade materials


  • Components
  • Adjustment Tools


  • Air ducts, wall panels, seat frameworks, & engine components

Media & Entertainment

  • Movie Props
  • Replicas


  • Replacement parts
  • Manufacturing tools

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