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Engineers, innovators, and manufacturers across industries that require high accuracy and functional strength in parts brace yourselves for a revolution in additive manufacturing! NeoMetrix Technologies proudly presents and is a seller and authorized distributor of the Markforged FX10, a game-changing 3D printer designed to fuel true innovation.

Next-Gen 3D Printer forĀ  Innovation & Production

Why Markforged FX10?

Carbon Fiber Specialized

Elevate your prototypes and end-use parts with the unmatched strength of carbon fiber. The FX10 harnesses this advanced material, providing durability without compromising on precision

Onyx Excellence

The fusion of Onyx, Markforged’s proprietary material, with continuous carbon fiber creates components that defy expectations. This dynamic duo ensures parts that are not just robust but also aesthetically superior.

Performance Unleashed

The FX10 is engineered to deliver not just prints but perfection. With a layer resolution of up to 50 microns and a build volume that accommodates large-scale projects, it’s a powerhouse for your aerospace and automotive needs.

Innovate at Speed

Rapid prototyping is not just a phrase; it’s a reality with the FX10. Say goodbye to prolonged lead times and welcome a swift turnaround from design to the physical manifestation of your ideas.

Versatile Applications

From intricate aerospace components to robust automotive parts, the FX10 adapts to your diverse needs. Break free from traditional manufacturing constraints and explore the uncharted territory of design possibilities.

Your Gateway to Advanced Engineering Solutions

At NeoMetrix, we understand that innovation doesn’t wait. Push the boundaries of what’s possible using top 3D Printing technology. Ask us about our special financing!

Fuel true innovation with the Markforged FX10 from NeoMetrix Technologies.

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