Explore the extraordinary capabilities of the BigRep ONE.4, a modular large-format FFF 3D printer designed to revolutionize production efficiency while delivering impeccable quality and versatility.

Rapid Success with Large-Scale 3D Printing

The BigRep ONE.4 is a cutting-edge, large-format FFF 3D printer designed to elevate your production capabilities while optimizing time and cost efficiency. Boasting an impressive one cubic meter build volume and a range of versatile modular configurations, this state-of-the-art printer is ideal for a wide array of applications, including furniture design, automotive components, creative exhibitions, tooling, prototypes, and more.

The BigRep ONE.4 offers unrivaled customization options through its various modes and add-ons, allowing you to tailor this large-format 3D printer to your specific requirements. What sets it apart is its ability to adapt and evolve alongside your evolving needs, ensuring continuous productivity and performance. Understanding the standard features and capabilities of the BigRep ONE.4 is crucial in harnessing its full potential for your Additive Manufacturing endeavors. Let’s delve into the exceptional features of this modular 3D printer.

Unleash Your Creativity with a Massive Print Volume

The ONE.4’s colossal one cubic meter build volume positions it as one of the largest 3D printers in the FFF manufacturing domain. Its expansive capacity empowers you to unlock your full creative potential, enabling the realization of ambitious projects that would be unattainable with smaller printers.

Enhanced Safety and Performance with an Enclosed Safe Frame

Equipped with a plexiglass enclosure, the ONE.4 ensures a secure environment for your prints. The enclosure not only facilitates real-time monitoring of print progress but also serves as a platform to showcase your work to potential visitors. Compliant with CE standards, it offers operator protection by automatically halting operations when the enclosure is opened mid-print. Moreover, the enclosure minimizes temperature fluctuations within the build volume, safeguarding print quality and consistency, particularly during extended printing durations.

Materials- BigRep HI-TEMP, BigRep HI-TEMP CF, BigRep PETG, BigRep PLA, BigRep PLX, BigRep PRO HT, BigRep TPU 98A Open for use of 3rd party materials

Versatility and Precision with the PEX Fiber-Ready Extruder

Featuring a range of nozzle options, including 0.6mm, 1.0mm, or 2.0mm, the fiber-ready Power Extruders (PEX) provide unparalleled versatility, catering to diverse 3D printing requirements. With BigRep materials such as biopolymers, water-soluble support, engineering-grade materials, and fiber-reinforced filaments, the PEX delivers exceptional results. Furthermore, the fiber-ready Power Extruder supports the use of third-party materials, expanding your creative possibilities.

Efficiency and Reliability with the Semi-Automated Print Bed

The ONE.4 boasts a 1M2 print bed covered with polyimide foil, ensuring optimal adhesion and stability throughout the printing process. Additional adhesion can be achieved by utilizing adhesives such as Magigoo. Featuring semi-automatic print bed calibration, this printer guarantees precise extrusion and adhesion of the initial layers, resulting in impeccable print quality. For an even higher level of control and fully automated calibration, consider exploring the capabilities of the BigRep PRO.

Seamless Printing Experience with the Out-of-Filament Sensor

To facilitate uninterrupted printing, the BigRep ONE.4 incorporates an out-of-filament sensor that intelligently pauses print operations when filament depletion is detected. This feature is especially critical for large-scale prints that may require multiple spools. Simply replace the filament and seamlessly resume your print without any loss of progress or quality.

Intuitive User Interface for Enhanced Control

Equipped with an intuitive user interface, the BigRep ONE.4 empowers you to optimize and calibrate your prints effortlessly. With this interface, you can remotely load gcodes onto the system or manually transfer them using a USB stick.

Get Started! – 3D Printing Will Transform Your Business

Investing in the BigRep ONE.4 from NeoMetrix Technologies is a smart choice for businesses seeking to elevate their manufacturing capabilities. With its massive one cubic meter build volume, versatile modular configurations, and advanced features such as an enclosed safe frame, PEX fiber-ready extruder, semi-automated print bed, out-of-filament sensor, and intuitive user interface, the BigRep ONE.4 empowers businesses to produce high-quality, long-lasting parts while saving time and costs. Whether for prototypes, furniture design, automotive components, tooling, or other applications, this cutting-edge 3D printer offers unmatched customization, reliability, and performance, making it an essential asset for companies looking to enhance their Additive Manufacturing capabilities.