Scanning Complex Shapes for Product Design

The Introduction:

For over 30 years, Consolidated Label has been creating quality labels for products and businesses for a variety of markets. 

The Problem:

Consolidated Label creates custom labels for bottles and containers of all shapes and sizes. They need an accurate and reliable way to ensure labels can be designed to fit perfectly and look great. They also generally require a very quick turnaround, to send out their labels quickly and keep their customers happy.

Traditional Method:

Traditionally, the measurement would be done by hand with rulers, calipers, etc. This method works fine for very simple objects, but bottles generally have complex curves and geometry. Single point measurements simply can’t give one the accuracy required in a reasonable time frame.

NeoMetrix Solution:

Using a handheld laser scanner called the Creaform Handyscan, Neometrix is able to capture the complete 3D shape of any bottle or container in a matter of minutes. This 3D data is then provided to Consolidated Label. They can then use the data to make extremely accurate size and shape labels.

NeoMetrix Advantage:

With 3D scanning, no object is too complex to measure. What would normally either take too long, cost too much, or not be accurate enough, is now easily captured and provided to the customer. The data is ready to deliver minutes after scanning.

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