Revolutionizing Beauty and Healthcare Through Rapid Prototyping

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The Problem:

The challenge at hand was to bridge the realms of beauty and healthcare through a single innovative product. The objective was to create a solution that not only offered cosmetic enhancements but also provided tangible medical benefits. As the aging process affects the facial structure and muscle functionality, finding a way to address both aesthetic and healthcare needs was the key challenge.

Traditional Method:

This specific exercise in the past has been done using your own fingertips to pull & stretch target parts around your face and mouth. This can not only be unsanitary but also provide inconsistent results. Traditionally, addressing the convergence of beauty and healthcare required either invasive procedures with inherent risks or disjointed therapies that targeted either cosmetic or medical concerns separately.

Made of medical grade TPE, 50-60 Durometer, 3D Printed on Markforged Mark Two

NeoMetrix Solution:

To tackle this challenge, Catherine and her team set out to create a product that revolutionary concept emerged – the “Beauty Balloon: Your Triangle Youth.” Made from medical-grade TPE with a 50-60 Durometer, this triangular-shaped tool was designed to provide resistance training and exercise for facial muscles, neck, the floor of the mouth, and even the tongue. Beyond cosmetic benefits, the Beauty Balloon offered significant medical advantages, including addressing sleep apnea, cranial-facial changes, and symmetry in facial features.

NeoMetrix Advantage:

By integrating 3D printing technology into this process, a tool was able to be produced that promotes the functions and exercises of myofunctional therapy, which is a program used to correct the improper function of the tongue and facial muscles. It involves strengthening the tongue and orofacial muscles by teaching individuals how to engage the muscles in the appropriate position.

Cosmetic Benefits

  •  Volume improved
  • Cheek volume improved
  •  Defined Jawline
  • High cheekbones
  • Youthful contours

Medical Benefits

  • Avoid Nasal breathing
  • Ensures proper lip seal
  • Mouth breathing – can cause bad breath, prone to disease
  • Correct and proper tongue posture
  • Correct swallowing pattern
  • Avoid Sleep Apnea
  • Avoid Cranial-facial changes
  • Promote facial feature symmetry

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