Tech Brief 01-05-009

Reverse Engineering Can Opener


Lifetime Hoan was interested in updating the design of one of their manual can openers (Figure 1), however there were no drawings of the existing parts.

Traditional Method:

Hand measurements are normally used to pull off dimensions and radiuses. However, the complex shapes and angles were not features that could be accurately measured by hand.

NeoMetrix Solution:

  • Laser scan each component with Konica-Minolta Range 7 Scanner.
  • Rapidform XOR used to align and merge multiple scans.
  • Each component solid modeled based upon scanned data.
  • All parts transferred to Solidworks for inclusion in final assembly. (Figure 2).

Benefits of NeoMetrix Solution:

3D scanning allows for the rapid capture of complex shapes, so that final CAD model development will be accurate to the original.

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Figure 1 – Original Part

Figure 2 – Solidworks Assembly Mode

Figure 3 – Exploded View