Antler Case Study

Antler Rapid Prototyping:

The customer needed a set of deer antlers rapid prototyped at 1/3 the size, however wanting to keep all the detail possible.

Since regular methods to take hand measurements were not an option and an artistic creation would likely result in less than accurate results they came to us.

3D Laser Scanning:

Using Konica Minolta’s Range 7 we can scan any size Objet into a computerized 3D model.

To capture the detail in the center two tines several scan were taken at a variety of angles to accumulate the amount of data needed. This was repeated throughout the rest of the Objet to produce a clean “water tight”, no holes 3D mesh.

Merged and Scaled:

Once each scan was completed and aligned together we were able to move on. Using Rapidform software the individual scans were merged together to create one final mesh.

Finally, the final mesh was scaled down in the program digitally to the exact size the customer needed and exported in the proper format for a 3D printer.

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