3D Scanning & Modeling Sculptures

The Problem:

NeoMetrix was approached my Luis Jimenez who runs the company Atlantic Rack, which specializes in warehouse equipment and supplies.  On the side, he is a sculptor, and his works are based off the shapes of special seeds.  Each sculpture he makes is unique and has a complex organic shape to it. Luis wanted a way to replicate his complex sculptures while maintaining his original artistic vision.

Traditional Method:

There is no easy way to replicate these sculptures without modern tools.  Each of these sculptures started as flat pieces of steel and were hand bent into multiple, complex curves and contours.  The sculpture could not be hand measured due to its organic shape.  The only way to copy the sculpture would be to attempt and make the sculpture again by hand.  It would be infinitely difficult to copy every single dent and bend from the original sculpture.

NeoMetrix Solution:

We can digitally duplicate any object with our collection of 3D scanners.  Sculptors can have their original works preserved while preserving every detail.  We scanned the seed sculpture using the Metrascan from Creaform.  It allows us to scan any object ranging from one cubic foot to five hundred cubic feet while maintaining 0.001 in level of accuracy.  In addition, the Metrascan does not require the object to have targets placed on it, thus avoiding unnecessary points of contacts that may potentially damage the sculpture. The seed sculpture’s complex shapes and hard to reach places do not prevent us from capturing every detail.  We can take multiple scans at multiple angles and later align and stitch the scans to fill in any missing areas.  Scanning is completed within an hour.  Once scanning is completed, we begin post processing of the mesh file using Geomagic Wrap and Design X.  The mesh can be trimmed, aligned and hole-filled.  The finished product is a single .STL file of the complete sculpture.

NeoMetrix Advantage:

Our services provide our customers with the solutions they need.
  • Unmatched level of accuracy
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Minimal prep work
  • Cost efficient
  • Quality in design

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About Luis Jimenez & the Seeds Project:

“Sometimes, great art is what we take for granted: the mysterious forms and organic processes that surround us, the enduring genius of nature, with its elusive sense of logic and proportion, its strange beauty, its endless capacity to surprise. Luis Jimenez’s remarkable new Seeds sculptures remind us of this. They draw the viewer into a world that is both familiar and never fully comprehensible, simple yet inherently wondrous. We marvel at them as we would a rare species of plant or animal.” – James Lilliefors

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