3D Scanning Enhances Combat Readiness

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Cubic Defense, a leader in empowering defense, intelligence, and commercial customers with mission-inspired solutions provides the latest in virtual training and simulators for international military and security forces. Built for realism, these systems are used worldwide by trainees at every level of experience. It’s proven that immersive programs teach trainees to react to real-world conditions, environments, and situations, preparing them for duty both on and off the battlefield.

Accelerating Combat Readiness

Training proficiency is essential for warfighters and law enforcement who must be prepared to face new threats daily or emerging threats. Cubic’s NextTraining provides innovative solutions for improved performance-based training, scalable training architectures, digital combat training, and high-fidelity combat training centers.

These solutions deliver critical warfighting skills necessary to achieve mission success in combat under the most unforgiving conditions and against the most determined adversary.


Cubic Defense required an accurate representation of the mortar for design enhancements in their digital combat training sim. The complexity lay in capturing both the critical details and the entire assembly of the mortar efficiently within a short timeframe.


Our team utilized cutting-edge technology, employing the latest scanner by Creaform to fulfill the project requirement.

This accelerated pace allows for faster iterations and advancements in weapon systems, equipment, and vehicles that are integrated into digital training simulators.

HandyScan Max Elite: 3D Scanning Weapons Engagement Simulator

The brand new HandyScan Max Elite played a pivotal role in capturing the mortar in its entirety. Featuring three distinct Working Volumes tailored for objects of varying sizes, this scanner allowed us to comprehensively capture the entire mortar assembly. Moreover, the inclusion of scale bars during scanning ensured a 1:1 scale representation. The strategic use of markers on the floor facilitated automatic bounding box generation around the mortar, effectively excluding irrelevant data and streamlining the scanning process.

High-Resolution 3D Scan

& CAD Models

Streamlined Process:

  • Scanning Phase:
    The entire mortar scanning process took approximately three hours, with the HandyScan Max Elite contributing a mere 10 minutes to this duration due to its efficiency in capturing large-scale objects.
  • Modelling Phase:
    Following the scanning phase, our team utilized Geomagic Design X to model the captured data. This phase took approximately a day, ensuring the conversion of scanned data into a precise CAD model.

Outcome and Benefits:

  • Accurate CAD Model:
    The resultant CAD model provided Cubic Defence with an exact representation of the mortar, facilitating streamlined updates and modifications to enhance its design and functionalities.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency:
    Leveraging advanced scanning technologies significantly reduced the project timeline, delivering efficient results within a short period. This not only saved time but also minimized overall project costs.

  • Enhanced Design Capabilities:
    Armed with an accurate CAD model, Cubic Defence gained the ability to explore design modifications and enhancements with greater precision and confidence, fostering innovation in their military mortar technology.


The successful utilization of 3D scanning and reverse engineering technologies provided Cubic Defense with a comprehensive CAD model, enabling them to integrate these digital assets into real-time simulations. This collaboration underscores the vital role of advanced 3D scanning applications in driving innovation within the Aerospace & Defense industry.


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