3D Printing Custom Fit Drone Parts

Integrate Custom Parts to Aid in Meeting Functional and Environmental Demands


FPV (First Person View) Drones are amongst the most versatile and efficient UAV’s that are available today. Primarily used for videography, photography, military, inspection, plus more.

In this case, the drone of a client’s only has the ability to shoot and record video in a low-resolution ANALOG format. This means that static and breakup will show in the video when connection is facing any kind of interference or range obstacle. For professional and video purposes, the intention is to shoot and record in HD DIGITAL video to be able to avoid any displayed static, and end up with a final video reel of beautiful aerial footage which can be used for a wide range of applications.  Finding a way to produce and mount this part is the task at hand.



An intricate part like this has been generally made by hand or a molding before 3D printing became more advanced & available. Chances are very likely to have inaccurate measurements when producing parts in any way other than 3D printing, and can take excessive amounts of time and material if errors are made.


An accurate model of a camera mount was 3D printed on the Markforged X7 in a Onyx, which is nylon with a chopped carbon fiber.  Onyx produces parts with exceptional strength and light weight. This part will last ages and provides a seemless fit, with a smooth surface finish. Onyx proves to be ideal for this application due to it’s thermal resistance from the sun and the durability of it’s composite material structure. The drone now has the ability to display ANALOG feed to FPV Googles, and record in HD DIGITAL with the InstaGo360 mounted onboard for high-quality and stabalized aerial footage.


Having access to Markforged 3D Printing Systems is a game changer when it comes to designing parts for a precise custom fit. From prototyping to end-use-parts, the X7 will achieve, and go above and beyond to produce parts for outstanding functional performance.


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