PolyWorks Viewer

3D Metrology Results Accessible Company-wide

PolyWorks Viewer provides every member of an organization worldwide access to 3D measurements and geometric analyses for

  • Assemblies
  • Parts
  • Products
  • Tools

This is a powerful tool for 3D measurement specialists and decision makers. as any information needed for a project can be extracted and utilized.


Every team member has the access to review any aspect of a metrology project conducted in PolyWorks Inspector. Equipped with a simple-user interface and provisional project navigation toolbar, even team members who are not acquainted with PolyWorks can:

  • Chose individual pieces of a multi-piece project for analysis
  • Select measurement object categories such as data color maps, features, etc.
  • Access individual objects in a category and view them in 3D

An intuitive navigation toolbar also provides operators with the ability to directly access analysis reports generated by the metrology team. In addition to this, all members of an organization can easily distribute the results of a given metrology project to any and all decision makers who need this pivotal geometric data to make the decisions that best benefit the organization.


In addition to providing powerful tools for review and decision making, PolyWorks Viewer also allows operators to extract and report critical dimensional information that was not included in the original measurement plan. Any member of a team has the ability to create their own personalized view of the measurement database using PolyWorks Viewer. The application also provides users the ability to:

  • Control new dimension & set up custom tolerances using the Geometry Controls Interface
  • Fully customize the data color map and pick additional point annotations in order to point out local deviations
  • Access the complete PolyWorks Inspector SPC Analysis Toolset in multi-piece projects, providing object controls and surface data objects
  • Generate formatted reports, new report tables, object annotations and snapshots.

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