In an exciting collaboration, INTAMSYS proudly supports the Solar Team Eindhoven from the Eindhoven University of Technology, utilizing advanced FFF 3D printing technology. Stella Terra, the world’s inaugural off-road solar-powered vehicle, has triumphantly completed a demanding trek from Morocco to the Sahara Desert, marking a monumental leap in sustainable mobility.

Stella Terra boasts unparalleled off-road durability, complying with EU road regulations while harnessing solar energy for a self-sustained power source, eliminating the need for recharging stations. Its impressive specifications include a top speed of 145 kilometers per hour, a lightweight design at 1200 kilograms, and a remarkable 710-kilometer range on sunny days, showcasing the ingenuity of solar innovation.

Stella Terra (Photo credit: STE/Bart van Overbeeke)

Crafting a solar vehicle like Stella Terra posed unique challenges, demanding custom parts integral to its design. Traditional manufacturing processes proved inefficient and costly for this bespoke project, highlighting the pivotal role of 3D printing. Partnering with INTAMSYS, Solar Team Eindhoven received not only 3D printing equipment but also comprehensive training and software tools like INTAMSUITEâ„¢, streamlining their additive manufacturing process.

Embracing INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT and FUNMAT PRO 610HT printers, the team swiftly developed crucial components for Stella Terra. These printers, capable of handling high-performance polymers and engineering materials, facilitated the rapid production of parts like side camera covers and ventilation/heating system attachments. The printers’ precision and large build volumes enabled the creation of tailored, high-quality components using materials like PC-ABS, known for their mechanical strength and heat resistance.

The FUNMAT PRO 610 HT’s cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities revolutionize business and production by enabling rapid, high-quality prototyping and manufacturing of intricate parts with diverse materials.

The Front Light Housing (Photo Credit: STE)

This collaboration with INTAMSYS showcased the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and design flexibility of 3D printing in the automotive industry. Beyond its economic benefits, 3D printing significantly contributes to energy conservation by reducing vehicle weight while maintaining durability, exemplified in Stella Terra’s journey through diverse terrains without recharging.

Stella Terra’s successful journey through the Sahara Desert signifies a step towards a sustainable future, and INTAMSYS remains committed to supporting students in their pursuit of innovation and sustainability. This collaboration underscores INTAMSYS’ mission to drive transformative changes through the continuous evolution of 3D printing technology.

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