With Precise PLA, It is now even easier to prototype, create custom tooling, and fabricate end-use parts all on one platform. 

The “Markforged Way” means only the best quality for your parts and designs. That’s why we make sure we have access to the latest PLA  material is always up-to-date with modern features and innovations in 3D printing so you can be confident when it comes time to build or test a part.

Innovations such as “Precise PLA” is a version of popular prototyping plastic Polylactic Acid (or PLAs), which has been created by Markforged engineers who specialize exactly what makes this material great – its accuracy and finish while being able to print reliably every single time.

Will my existing Markforged printer be able to print Precise PLA?

At launch, Precise PLA will print on gen 2 Mark Two and Onyx Pro desktop series printers. Later in Q2, we also plan to make Precise PLA available on all Industrial series printers with the second-generation A3648 extruder. Users will need a printer with the A3648 extruder (common across all gen 2 desktop and industrial printers) since we rely on the enhanced capabilities to print Precise PLA reliably. Check out this support article if you’re unsure which generation your extruder is from.

Why did Markforged Innovate Precise PLA?

We’ve seen high-strength tools, fixtures and even end use parts being printed with our specialized materials. But we also want to give users the ability for prototypes or concept models that need less durability but still look beautiful like Markforged does now!

The Future of 3D Printing with Markforged 3D Printers

Markforged 3D Printers are the most efficient modern 3D Printing Systems on the market. With materials specially made to withstand harsh conditions and an excellent surface finish, these printers can be used across all industries for a variety of purposes. Our team at NeoMetrix is excited to offer our expertise and knowledge in order to help you take advantage of this innovative technology.

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