Printer Trade-In Promotion

Your Old Desktop Printer Can Save You A lot On Your Next Metal X Printer Purchase


Those hobbyist grade 3D printers are great for learning the ropes, but if want to build real parts, and real tools, you’ve got to go industrial.  Trade-in your bot-type printer and save thousands on a Markforged Industrial grade printer.
  • Valid on Metal X, X3, X5 & X7 Printers
  • Offer valid through the end of March
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts
  • Trade-in values will vary depending upon system purchased, and system being traded.

The Metal X 3D Printing system is an end-to-end manufacturing solution, providing users everything you need to go from design to fully functional parts in less than a day. The Metal X is up to 10x less expensive than alternative metal additive manufacturing technologies — and up to a 100x less than traditional fabrication technologies like machining or casting. Markforged’s cloud-based printer management software, built-in touchscreen interface and automatic material tracking make the Metal X system the simplest way to manufacture metal parts.

Based on our 4th generation composite 3D printing technology, the Metal X is a brand new kind of 3D printer. By printing metal powder bound in a plastic matrix, we’ve eliminated the safety risks associated with traditional metal 3D printing while enabling new features like closed-cell infill for reduced part weight and cost.

Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) Technology
  1. Design: CAD your part, upload the STL, and select from a wide range of metals. The Eiger software does the rest making printing the right part easy.
  2. Print: Metal powder bound in plastic is printed a layer at a time into the shape of your part. Parts are scaled up to compensate for shrinkage during the sintering process.
  3. Sinter: Printed parts go through a washing stage to remove some of the binder. They are then sintered in a furnace and the metal powder fuses into solid metal.
  4. Part: Pure metal and up to 99.7% dense, the final parts are ready for use. They can be processed and treated just like any other metal parts.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Tool Steel
  • Inconel
  • Titanium

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