Markforged Mark Two

High Strength Parts, 3D Printed Overnight

The Mark Two Desktop 3D Printer couples unmatched reliability with Markforged’s distinct continuous carbon fiber reinforcement to create a system that provides users incredibly strong, versatile parts. The Mark Two is the only 3D printer available that allows users to go from CAD to incredible, end-use parts in just a matter of hours.

  • High-Strength Printing: Reinforce your parts with composite fiber while 3D printing then and go unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability.
  • Range of Materials: The Mark Two prints in Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar and Onyx.
  • Easy-to-Use: The Mark Two comes equipped with its own Markforged Eiger software that is both powerful and easy to use in your browser, importing your drawing and slicing it for high strength printing.
  • Touchscreen Interface: Easily connect to wifi, start prints and manage your printer.
  • Precision Design: Pause/resume prints, remove the bed and add components thanks to a click-into-place bed with 10 micron accuracy.
Technical Specifications:

Build Volume: 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm (12.6 in. x 5.2 in. x 6.06 in.)

Z Layer Resolution: 100 micron


  • Plastic: Onyx (Plastic),
  • Fiber: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar, and HSHT (High-Strength High-Temperature) Fiberglass

Printing System Package Includes:

  • Mark Two 3D Printer & Cabinet (with access to cloud)
  • Eiger Software
  • 800cc Onyx spool
  • 100cc Carbon Fiber
  • 50cc Fiberglass
  • 50cc Kevlar
  • 50cc HSHT Fiberglass
  • 1 TrueBed print bed

Markforged’s Eiger Software

With automatic version control, real-time fleet management and cloud-based collaboration, Eiger is the world’s most advanced 3D printing software. Designed from the ground up to make manufacturing simpler, Eiger enables you to print plastic, metal and composite parts straight from your browser.

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