Meet Pat, an entrepreneurial visionary who transformed the automotive aftermarket with the innovative “Cup Keeper Plus.” This versatile product, accommodating various beverage containers, became a sensation, attracting a massive order from a major U.S. retailer. However, specific labeling and packaging requirements posed challenges for Pat, demanding precision and consistency.

To overcome these hurdles, Pat collaborated with a skilled designer and turned to INTAMSYS, utilizing the advanced FUNMAT PRO 310 3D printer. They selected PA12-CF, a reinforced carbon fiber material, ensuring mechanical strength and wear resistance crucial for precision assembly tooling. The 3D-printed ‘Label Peeler’ and ‘Cup Fixture Assembly’ emerged as groundbreaking tools, automating label application and ensuring stability for precise orientation.

The FUNMAT PRO 310’s compatibility with PA12-CF, coupled with INTAMSUITE NEO software, enabled the precise manufacturing of custom tools and fixtures. The printer’s exceptional dimensional accuracy and speed exceeded expectations, showcasing phenomenal results. Pat’s team not only customized multiple fixture sets for varied Cup Keeper dimensions but also optimized fixtures for different states, enhancing local efficiency.

This success story exemplifies the synergy of innovation and technology. INTAMSYS, a 3D printing industry pioneer, not only met packaging demands but also delivered design flexibility, cost efficiency, and time savings. The transformative power of FUNMAT PRO 310, INTAMSUITE software, and PA12-CF material played a pivotal role in securing additional orders for the Cup Keeper Plus.

The INTAMSYS Funmat Pro 310 is a versatile and robust industrial-grade 3D printer. With a large build volume, dual extruder system, and advanced material compatibility, it delivers high-quality prints for various applications.

► Large build volume Single Nozzle(305 mm x 260 mm x 260 mm), Dual Nozzle (260 mm x 260 mm x 260 mm),

► High accuracy 3D Printing Users can achieve 50-micron (0.05mm), high-resolution, industrial-quality 3D printing 

► Print speed of up to 120 mm/s max. 

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This open platform is one of the key factors in selecting your preferred material, and have a choice because users have control over all parameters including filaments’ properties and printer settings. We encourage you to get in touch with us today for more details on how to get one of the top modernized 3D printers in your  office, program, or facilityINTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 310

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