HandySCAN AEROPACK for the aerospace industry

When accuracy meets portability. Introducing the generation of HandySCAN 3D laser scanners

HandySCAN AEROPACK, a 3D scanning solution suite addresses the specific challenges of aircraft quality control, including assessing damage from hailstorms or aircraft incidents as well as flap and spoiler inspections. Ideal for reverse engineering, maintenance and repair operations, and designing hard-to-acquire spare parts.

The HandySCAN AEROPACK solution includes:

  • HandySCAN 3D: The aerospace industry’s leading metrology-grade, portable 3D scanner designed to acquire accurate, repeatable and reliable measurements—even in difficult environments, such as aircraft hangers or shop floors, and with both complex surfaces and parts of all sizes.
  • SmartDENT 3D: An aircraft surface inspection software for assessing aircraft flaps and spoilers, fuselage, etc.
  • VXinspect: A dimensional inspection software module for quality control workflows and inspection reports.
  • VXmodel: A post-treatment software module to finalize and further process 3D scan data in any CAD solution.