There’s never been a better time to utilize such innovative and advanced tools for companies that have any manufacturing processes involved in their business.

It has been proven that 3D Scanning and 3D Printing technologies in combination can not only generate more business, but deliver precise and industrial standards across all projects.

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  • Future of Design & Manufacturing
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  • Success Across All Industries

3D Solutions That Can Simplify Your Manufacturing Process

  •   Creaform 3D Scanners
  •   Geomagic Software
  •   BigRep 3D Printers
  •   Markforged 3D Printers
  •   INTAMSYS 3D Printers
  • Outsourcing Services with NeoMetrix

Top 3 Industries & Applications


Inspection of an Aircraft Winglet Fitting

With the scanning and modeling services provided by NeoMetrix, what were once complicated and tedious processes are now simple and efficient. Scanning and modeling a part like the winglet fitting takes a only a few working hours, rather than days or even weeks of scrupulous measurements and data recording.


3D Scanning and Rapid Surfacing for Aftermarket Product Development

  Not only is 3D scanning far more accurate than hand measurements for documenting complex shapes, the data is automatically stored in a 3D format eliminating the errors associated with manual data entry. This digital shape capturing also allows manufacturers to produce parts more quickly and more accurately, improving production speed and reducing time to market.


Development of Marine Accessories

By employing 3D scanning technology for this application, engineers can develop new designs more quickly.  They also have a greater degree of confidence that the final fabricated part will fit accurately to the original geometry.  This means that products can reach the market more quickly, with a higher degree of quality than those developed with traditional methods.

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