Excellence in Online Presence Award 2022

We are proud to have won an award for “Excellence in Online Presence” at our recent visit to Quebec, Canada to attend Creaforms distrubutors conference!

Manufacturing companies will find success in gaining leads and exposure with the right digital marketing strategy. Not only will more leads be generated, but a relationship is formed between your company and its audience when they see how well-known or reliable it actually is!

Power and Knowledge of Technology

With the combination of the right systems and tech, it is easier than ever to put your product or service infront of a massive audience. Keeping up to date with what some of your competitors or bigger companies will do wonders when keeping your brand modern. But first here are a few tips on how help to BUILD YOUR BRAND around your specialized manufacturing products/services available.

Become an EXPERT at the Subject

  • Specialize in products or service you are offering through research and hands-on training
  • View your competitors content for reference
  • Stay connected with engineers to understand challenges and complete experience

Awarded at the recent Creaform Conference 2022, Quebec, Canada

Set Target Goals and Visions

There should be a message that you would like to portray through your brand overall. This is achieved by a combination of tools and skills used to market to an audience.

Vision should be the first thing considered when building a brand. How do you want the public to percieve you? How will you communicate it? What kind of experience to you wand your audience to have?

Establishing a target audience to seek and filter those who meet your desired criteria will produce a stronger engagament and more interest organically. Audiences can be targeted by location, industry, job title, companies, plus more. 

A good process to ensure a successful vision this is to set a time each quarter of the year and set up target goals to be met. These goals can be anything like Audience Growth, Amount of Content, Lead Generation, plus more. Use these goals to work towards higher numbers which results in excellent performance and a strong online presence.

Modern Tactics & Platforms

It is good to have a game plan of how you will reach your goal. Luckily today we are surrounded by such innovative tools and channels that we are able to market on.

Having a distiguished website is probably one of the biggest keys. There, you will be able to display completely your scope of work to the broad audience of the internet. Implement information that communicates clearly how you can be of benefit to your audience. It’s also important to use high-quality media (Photos, Videos, Graphics, etc) throughout your content.

After having a unique website, social media is the next task that should be taken on. Have a consistent flow of scheduled content that is shared with your followers, that also communicates the same information from website so that you can have a unified message. Growing followers will be a difficult challenge, but if the subject and media is catchy enough things can accelerate pretty quickly. Grow connections and relationships with many other like-minded professionals that are seeking your solutions!

Email Marketing




Analyze Performance & Create Action Plans

View your results and performance frequently so that strong habits can be developed to help reach goals. Tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics play a big role in viewing website performance. See traffic and audience behavior here to help in making your next plans more effective. Each social media channel has it’s own Analytics & Insights feature so that performance can easily be measured.

Watch the Brand Grow!

Over time, a company using any combination of the strategies in this article will find success in gaining exposure and essentialy closing more deals on product or services. Not only will there be potential for more leads, but a relationship will be created between the audience and your brand. These marketing factors can play a big role in how perspective clients choose who to do business with, use them to an advantage to put your company in the BEST POSITION FOR SUCCESS!

Top 3 Industries & Applications



Aquire 3D scan data without complications, and fast & easy set up. Have the ability to scan large volume measurements with efficiency in a short amount of time.



Measure parts with complex surface finishes ranging from freshly machined to dark paint & aquire surface data to create CAD files for producing accurate custom fits.



Quickly capture accurate surface data from marine vehicles in the most challenging environments: such as on a boat deck, on a trailer, in a parking lot. Reverse engineer or make modifications to create custom parts & accessories!

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Our mission is to partner with our clients by understanding their unique requirements and aid in developing, deploying, and supporting effective solutions. With 20+ experience in these Top 3 Industries we are simply able to present the best solutions possible for any application or project.

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