BigRep 3D printers are a game-changer for businesses seeking innovation and efficiency.

To become even more familiar with high-performance 3D Printers like the PRO, Studio G2, and ONE, we have launched an insightful FREE download-BigRep Smart Decision Blueprint- made for decision makers seeking the ins and outs of these incredible 3D Printers. This download guide includes features, specs, materials, and operation before knowing which LARGE-SCALE 3D printing system or solution is best for your application.

Empowering Decision-Makers with Insightful Onboarding

Our exclusive BigRep Smart Decision Blueprint download equips decision-makers with the knowledge needed to make informed choices. From understanding the intricacies of design, software, engineering-grade materials, and operation, this resource is your guide to harnessing the full potential of 3D printing.

Also, before committing to a 3D printer, our team at NeoMetrix offers a transformative Free 3D Printing Discovery Session. Designed for decision-makers, this session provides a comprehensive overview covering design considerations for your tailored application, printing processes, engineering-grade materials, software utilization, and operational insights.

Unleashing Potential Across Industries & Applications

Whether you’re in aerospace, automotive, or education, BigRep 3D printers redefine possibilities. With an extensive range of industrial-grade printers that cater to diverse applications from prototyping to manufacturing, empowering businesses to thrive in the era of advanced manufacturing.

Top-Notch Software Integration

Elevate your 3D printing experience with integrated software solutions. BigRep BLADE, CONNECT, and ACADEMY seamlessly integrate into our printers, ensuring a streamlined workflow and maximizing the potential of your 3D printing endeavors.

With CONNECT, you gain complete control of your printing operations, allowing you to monitor printing hours, track your material usage, receive real-time status notifications, upload files remotely, organize job queues, and access a complete history of your printing activity.

 BLADE’s intuitive interface makes it easy to fine-tune incoming information to meet your specifications.

Calculate and predict print times, allowing for the best possible, hassle-free start. BLADE is downloadble for free with a user-friendly design that even beginners can use with ease.

FLOW is a fully web-based application, requiring no design skills or 3D printing experience. With a few clicks, you can take advantage of FLOW’s intuitive interface and powerful tools to rapidly design and prototype your tooling solutions.

Innovative & Environment-Resistant Materials

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Get Started! – Schedule a 3D Printing Discovery Session

Ready to unleash innovation, optimize workflows, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape with NeoMetrix Technologies? Every top modern business deserves access to the transformative capabilities of 3D printing.

Schedule a FREE 3D Printing Discovery Session to see which solutions and equipment are best to suit your design and production challenges. Also be sure to download our BigRep Smart Decision Blueprint.