At NeoMetrix, we’re all about precision, speed, and pushing the engineering envelope. As leaders in Automotive 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, and Aftermarket and OEM Product Development, we specialize in turning your vision into a high-performance reality.

Capturing the Fast Lane of Automotive Design

NeoMetrix’s Automotive 3D Scanning is the turbo boost your projects need. Our state-of-the-art technology goes full-throttle, capturing every curve, contour, and nuance with unrivaled precision. Whether you’re tweaking aftermarket components or revolutionizing OEM designs, our 3D scanning solutions put you in pole position for success.

Whether it’s custom modifications, performance upgrades, or entirely new OEM products, NeoMetrix is your catalyst for automotive excellence.

Aftermarket and OEM Product Development Redefined

NeoMetrix is not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in Automotive Aftermarket and OEM Product Development. Our collaborative approach ensures that your ideas seamlessly transition from concept to reality. 

Revs Institute (Naples, FL) Preserves Automotive History with 3D Scanning


3D Scanning technology is main driving force behind industry-grade workflows and inspections. The Go!SCAN Spark and MetraSCAN, two champions in Creaform’s lineup, stand out as indispensable tools in the automotive engineer’s arsenal.

Why Integrate 3D Scanners to Automotive Workflows?

  • Portability: The handheld design of Go!SCAN Spark makes it ideal for scanning in various automotive environments, while MetraSCAN’s versatility caters to a wide range of inspection needs.
  • Efficiency: The speed of data acquisition with both scanners accelerates automotive workflows, from design modifications to quality control inspections.
  • Reliability: Creaform’s 3D scanners are trusted by automotive professionals worldwide, underlining their reliability in the most demanding industrial applications.


Roadster Shop recently scanned this Jeep Cherokee “Golden Eagle” with their Go!SCAN 3D for an upcoming chassis project. The Go!SCAN 3D seamlessly scans any object without setup. Capture flawless texture, geometry, and vibrant details in a rich color palette with ease. Just go and scan!

Reverse Engineering Excellence

Enhance your journey of innovation with NeoMetrix’s mastery in 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering. We can capture and inspect surface data of existing components, providing you with a detailed 3D model for analyzing, enhancement, and optimization. From classic cars to the latest models, our Reverse Engineering expertise empowers you to overcome your automotive design and production challenges.

Go!SCAN Spark

Fuel Your Workflow with 3D Scanning- Easy. Fast. Reliable. 

MetraSCAN Black Elite

Reverse engineering and dimensional inspection of production tools

Fuel Your Innovation with NeoMetrix

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