The technology of 3D printing is rapidly emerging into one of the hottest technologies of our time. Its advancement and progressive innovations have opened doors of opportunity that were once closed and unimaginable. The 3D printer’s ability to make replicas of 3D objects, based on a CAD design, is able to print, jewelry, food, toys and car parts, and aero plane parts.

The above creations have all been hailed as milestones, retrospectively, in their areas of business and production. No one would argue the use of 3D printers to create these types of products is nothing to be concerned about. However, it’s what it will soon be capable of creating that is going to set tongues all over the globe wagging.

Expect that 3D printers will soon be able to recreate and print off human organs. Questions to ask about this might be, “Is that a good thing for society? At what point do morals and ethics come onto the scene regarding 3D printers creating body parts?”

It’s not a secret that medical researchers have been creating human cells through bio-printing for many years in laboratories. It’s only more recently being told what these researchers have been successful at accomplishing. They have essentially created living human tissue cells, in order to help recreate new functioning blood vessels, skin tissues, among other human organs. We’ve covered a few of these stories in previous blogs.

When you bring 3D printers to the medical research table, it opens a completely new range of medical researching possibilities. Already scientists are using 3D printers to create small strips of living organ tissue. Yes, the timeframe of when advanced 3D printers are able to create full body parts may be a few years away, but at the rate of its current rapid progression it might be here sooner than we think.

Our world is changing all the time, the only thing that is constant in our society is change. Technological advancements are pushing the limits and setting new boundaries every single day. How will society take to the possibility of 3D printers creating human body parts?

From the kid missing arms through a land mine explosion, to the child born with no fingers, don’t they have a right to a better quality of life? Surely, it is time to embrace the technology that can provide that better quality of life for them.


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