The use of 3d Printing has grown rapidly and is advancing at such a fast rate that it will soon become one of the leaders in today’s technological society. People located all over the world are embracing this technology due to its various uses, the equipment is no longer limited to scientists and engineers and is easily used by the everyday consumer.

Desktop 3d printer

Each day more and more advancements are being made in the field of printing solid objects and are a highly important technology that adds to the quality of production. The reason these printers have become more popular is a decrease in asking price. This equipment and its reduction in costs have attracted a lot of attention throughout the globe.

The process in which 3d printing is performed is called additive manufacturing; this process uses this machinery to create true-to-life replicas instead of the older methods of creating unique complex objects by hand. The technology used in printing is still in its infancy years and is destined for bigger and better things. One can count on that in the years to come many will see this in households and no longer limited to the business sector and large manufacturing companies.

With additive manufacturing, there is very little waste, if any, as compared to the older traditional method of subtractive manufacturing. The cost and speed at that projects are carried out is making them an affordable option in an economically wise society.

In the past, the lowest price on a 3d printer would have been around $40,000 and the majority of them were in excess of $120,000. However, prices have reduced so much that they are now well within an achievable price range. People are already using these printers to make jewellery, clothes, components and parts, and even household items; the user is only limited by their own resourcefulness, and that is what makes 3d printing so exciting.