3D printers are quickly becoming increasingly popular, and the new high demand for its services has helped create an industrial revolution. This new technology will not necessarily change the fact that we will need to buy new clothes, or new shoes, or even new parts for our car, it will however, change the way we go about getting those desired items.

The technology is advancing to a point that the “days” of leaving our homes to go shopping and acquire these objects is nearly gone. The reason being that 3d printers are becoming household staple, with their owner’s creating whatever items they desire in the comfort of their home.

3d Printer in the home

We can now easily buy a DIY kit to build and create our own devices for personal use, within our own home, and it gives the option to buy already pre-assembled printers from the manufacturing companies. This new printing equipment is an easy option to buy, with prices being very considerate. This is especially true in terms of what the first printers cost when this technology first surfaced.

Most companies nowadays include premade designs that will come with the printer that is purchased encouraging users to get a quick handle on how to use the printer. Some companies differ by directing there buyers to various open source forums, and websites where other innovators share their own models and designs.

The process, in which 3d printing technology works, is relatively simple. It will take a model from the computer or laptop, and then with the user’s permission, sends it to the paired three-dimensional printer. The printer will create the item using plastic filament and resin materials. The filament comes in various color choices, which feeds, into a heated extruder. The object is created layer placed on top of layer numerous times until the object is fully complete, some objects take less than 24 hours to print in its entirety.

3D Printing process