The world of three-dimensional printing is alive and thriving like never been before. Even though 3d printing has been around for some time the technology is less complicated to operate making it possible for just about anyone to try their hand and creating.

With printers being fairly priced and easily picked up for the same price as a top of the line TV, we have finally made contact with the future and this technology looks like it is making its mark.

There will always be a need for digital manufacturing and reverse engineering in this consumer orientated world. 3d printer advancements are starting to play a major role in the way we buy things as a society, and is currently shaping future buying habits. Right now, already has a section to purchase 3d printed items.

It’s no wonder that 3d printing has been hailed as the very future of manufacturing. With outstanding results and multiple user benefits it’s no wonder so many companies and people have embraced it and included it in some form into the work place.

This technology uses a process called additive manufacturing, this additive process cuts back on waste costs and also waste material. An initial layer is printed and formed and allowed to cool for a short time. After the first layer has cooled then more layers are added using heat and lazer technology until the object or part is completed.

There are now many varieties of raw materials available to use with 3d printing including, metals, plastics and fiberglass to name a few. This has opened the door for more and more products to be made as they are no longer limited to just one type of material. The services this technology has revolutionized the way do things as consumers.

We are well on the way to a future that looks like we will be able to afford this technology and make what we need when we want it, and all of this can be done right in our own home. Will we ever “need” to use a 3d printer, maybe not, but we will certainly “want” to try.