The technology that everyone is talking about now is three-dimensional printing and scanning. This technology has been around for a while but it’s only now starting to hit the headlines every single day with new breakthroughs and new advancements.

Today, it’s evident that 3d printing and rapid prototyping is speedily gaining a healthy momentum among consumers and businesses throughout the world. Many people are still baffled regarding just how to work these machines and all it can actually do.

Many are aware of its latest development and most of the attention recently has been focused on the fact that fully functioning firearms were successfully created using 3d scanning and 3d printing technology. (You can read more on that here).

Now there are major concerns about these printable weapons. Truth is, as of right now, anyone who has the right materials and right equipment can make them. Security fears are already mounting across each state. Let’s learn how creating something like a firearm is possible through 3d printing.

The method is called additive manufacturing an initial layer of materials, like resin, is printed onto a form plate, and then allowed to cool. After the first layer has cooled the process is repeated again layer after layer until the object is completed by multiple layers being placed on top of each other. There are many different materials to work from including metal, plastic, ceramic, steel to name a few, the limit of items that can be designed and printed are only set by the user’s imagination.

With all the main focus on the creation of firearms there has been a slight diversion in negative feedback, but it should be brought to attention the many great positives this type of technology brings. It has added so much to many different trades, from schooling and education to health, medicine, security, and digital manufacturing all have added quality to their industry products using three-dimensional printing.

The fact is 3d printing can be used to create just about whatever the user wants to such as, clothing, jewelry, running shoes, to human tissues, literally anything—anything—you set your mind to can be designed and printed.

3d printing

3D Printing in Action — Image Source