The peel 2 was recently launched into the market of 3D scanners. As with any product upgrade, people are left wondering what  is the difference between the new and old 3D scanner. The short answer is that the Peel 2 is better than Peel 1 in any way. Now for those who want the long answer please see below.

Peel 1

Peel 1 is a 3D scanner that is in its most affordable form. 

Good at scanning:

  • Human Body
  • Clay Models, stones and pottery
  • Organic Shapes
  • Fabric and Leather

Peel 2

The Peel 2 is superiod to the peel 1 in every way: high resolution, improved tracking, better geometry, and enhaced means to capture colors.

The Peel 2 is also good at working with:

  • Mechanical parts and assemblies
  • Metal castings
  • Reverse engineering
  • Textured and colored objects


Peel 1 scan data (left) & Peel 2 scan data (right)

Peel 1 scan data (left) & Peel 2 scan data (right)

The Peel 2 3D scanner can also scan in color! (right)

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In summary the Peel1 is a fantastic entry level device for those new to 3D scanning. However, the Peel2 provides superior performance in tracking, resolution and over-all data quality. The addition of color capture capability also adds to the versatility of the Peel2 over the Peel1. So, if you have the budget, the Peel2 is the better choice for most applications.