The technologies to print in solid form and create prototypes are following the same path that computers did when they became a hot bed of cutting-edge innovation in the 1970’s. The first 3d printers that were created were big, chunky, and reserved only for the industry elite. However, recent breakthroughs and advancements in this technology have produced printers that print three-dimensional models, which can fit easily on desktop now. This has allowed manufacturers and hobbyists alike, all over the world, to construct plastic objects for rapid prototyping or to create objects simply for fun.

Perfect Dektop 3d printing

Just why is 3d printing technology so important and why should you even care about it?

If you have a passion for D-I-Y, then the need for this printing technology and the ability to understanding is obvious. Having your own printer at home, and being able to create and design with it in order to figure out how to use it, will only give you another skill to add to onto your resume. It also helps tackle problems, and be able to develop, and create new objects, or re-create a product in a better and new way.

One example to think on, a small part has snapped off from your favorite coffee machine in, when you own a 3d printer there is no need to contact the manufacturer for the replacement part. This printing technology allows you to re-create the exact part in a couple of hours in the same afternoon.

The demand for this technology has grown at a phenomenal rate, and the “innovative crowd” is going crazy at its endless limits. The above sends a clear and simple message to the world, there is a large community of people engaging and embracing this cutting-edge printing technology. Who knows what they will come up with next!