Tripod 3d scanner

A 3D Laser Scanner has the ability to accurately measure exact details, capture free form shapes, and rapidly generate very highly accurate point clouds. The desired object that you are looking to scan should be placed on the bed of the digitizer. The scanner then uses a laser that probes and reads the surface of the placed object. The laser light is projected onto the surface of the object, while two sensor cameras record the changes in distance, and the change of shape of the laser line in 3D.

The collected data of the shape is formed in millions of varied points, which are known collectively as a point cloud. This point cloud is visible on the computer or monitor that the scanner is connected to. The process is super-fast and very accurate giving high quality results each time.

Once the point cloud and data files have been created they are merged and registered as a three dimensional representation of the scanned object.

There is no other faster or more accurate way of collecting and presenting 3d digital data for reverse engineering, available on the market today. By using specialized software, the point cloud creates the object and places it into a CAD model of the scanned objects geometry.

The beauty of the CAD model is that it gives highly accurate and precise results, meaning that scanned objects are reproduced to pinpoint accuracy repeatedly. By using CAD the object is also able to be modified to correct any faults, imperfections or even to add to the components quality.

The use of three dimensional laser scanners is growing in demand and the reason for this is down to the accuracy of results, the time of delivery that results are achieved, and its ease of use.