The Australian pop group Cut/Copy had some difficulty trying to express and emphasize the size of the world in the making of their new music video “We Are Explorers”. The directors of the music video had tried other methods to show the size and enormity of the world, but failed. In a moment of ingenious inspiration they turned to 3D printers, which did not disappoint.

By using the Stratasys Dimension 1200es 3D Printer the directors created tiny figurines, which only measured a couple of inches in height and diameter. The directors were able to make two 3D printed characters for the video. There had to be around 200 copies of the two characters in a number of different poses and positions in order for the characters to be brought to life during the directing of the video.

This is history in the making and true to the name of the music video “We Are Explorers”, it wasn’t only the tiny mini-figures doing the exploring, but the directors willing to explore and try something new and inventive to express themselves which just so happened to be with 3D printing.

Fans of the band can download all the files of the music video characters free via Bit Torrent, if interested you can find that info here. Fans can also get their hands on the storyboard used in this short-film. They have opened the door for fans to interactively connect with the band giving them the opportunity to and create their own films, and share their characters exploring as well.

Check out the music video yourself and see the mini 3D printed figures in action. It’s hard to determine which is better, the catchy tune or the exploring mini characters.

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Stratasys 3D Printed Adventurers Star in New Music Video