So much is happening in the world of 3D technology. It seems there will never be a day without some major breakthrough occurring because of this technology. The ability to print solid forms is rapidly evolving, with its users learning processes like reverse engineering and additive manufacturing.

A 3D printer allows you to create a true-to-life replica of an object from a digital design. It is done using additive manufacturing rather than the older methods of subtractive manufacturing.

Countless industries have been affected by additive manufacturing, from healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, and the food industry, check out this cool Info graph and see how popular and effective this printing technology has become.

More recently, at the SXSW Interactive conference tech fans had the opportunity to create and taste their very own custom designed 3D printed edible Oreo cookies. The cookie brand Oreo put on display vending machines that had been specially developed and included 3D printing technology.

3d printed Oreo's

The vending machine could create cookies on consumer demand with several different types of designs and in 12 unique flavors. The flavors included birthday cake, mint, banana and many more, all individually colored. The marketing ploy at the SXSW Interactive conference proved a success and did its job, which was to drive more focus and attention to the brand using the most talked about technology around today—3D printing.

The great thing about it is that everybody had the chance to design and make their own product based on the data given to them. For instance, in the James Bond movie, SkyFall, the Aston Martin that was totaled in the movie, was actually created using this advanced printing method.

The examples above show the versatility of 3D printing, it also shows the strengths and capabilities that this technology possesses.

Three-dimensional printing has and still is radically improving the way we do things it is also radically cutting costs and production time and with better results. With such influential factors, it’s no wonder the 3D printing community is growing stronger every day.