There are numerous companies out there that can provide 3D scanning services, but not all those companies can provide consistent high-level service every time. When you are looking to choose high quality 3D printing and 3D scanning services, make sure you select a company who can provide the level of service and products you need to deliver on your project. Consider these items when choosing a company…

  • High quality Computer Aided Inspection services; the raw data from the process of 3d scanning is accurately compared to the original CAD design so that the prototype can be modified, added to, or improved on.
  • High quality and accurate reverse engineering on any products or parts using advanced software in order to get the best results. A company with experience that is willing to work with you and enhance the quality on each product type.


process of reverse engineering

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With access to some of the world’s top 3d printers and laser scanning equipment we, NeoMetrix Technologies Inc., are already providing high quality services on all our clients projects. Of course, no object is too big or component too small for our company. We even make it possible for clients to send the part direct or we can visit onsite.

At NeoMetrix, we offer 20 years of experience in the reverse engineering and a reputation proving that we provide high quality 3D scanning and 3D printing services. We also carry a wide variety of equipment that small-to-medium sized businesses could purchase if you want to be able to scan and print objects in-house.

Feel free to browse around our website, find the list of scanning and printing equipment available for purchase, here. We  also offer professional training for companies and individuals who want to learn more about these products.

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