Music is a wonderful thing, it can take us places in our minds, allows us to reminisce of times-past, and enlighten our mood for the day ahead. Music connects with the soul; it puts rhythm in our steps and movements, to play “good” music you need to be gifted, dedicated, and talented.

For those with the gift of playing the harmonica, 3D printing has just made this instrument better than ever before.

Playing the harmonica can be incredibly difficult. It has been said, that a harmonica player needs three hands, two of them to hold and grip the instrument, and the third hand to hold the microphone they are playing into. This is something that the Dror Adler, a harmonica player and member of the world famous Adler Trio, knows all too much about.

Dror Adler has been playing the harmonica for over fifty years and his dedication and talent has made him one of the most famous harmonica players in the world. Dror Adler started thinking of ways to make and develop a specially designed casing to encompass both the harmonica and wireless microphone. With the help of a PolyJet-based Stratasys 3D Printer this is what Adler was able to create, see below.


3d printed Harmonica casing

Silicone enclosure for wireless microphone & harmonica

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The prototype is a 3D printed silicone mold made to enclose the original harmonica and microphone pattern. In the picture below, it shows how Dror used to play his harmonica, note how he is holding both the harmonica and microphone together limiting his freedom of movement.

Dror Adler playing harmonica

Dror Adler: Traditional Way of playing Harmonica

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Dror Adler has had a lifetime of harmonica playing, and in a moment of ingenious intuition, he created a casing that can hold both wireless microphone and harmonica. He has changed the way harmonica players will play their instruments in the future.

Another Stratasys 3d printer success story and evidence of its positive influence toward re-invention in the way things are done. In this case, just like many others, 3D printing hasn’t ventured too far from the original purpose of the instrument, it has instead enhanced the harmonica’s sound and playing capabilities.

3d printed silicone harmonica enclosure

Stratasys 3D printed Enclosure makes playing Harmonica easier

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