It never ceases to amaze how different technologies seem to effortlessly advance faster than other varied types of technology. To be honest the 3d technology world is alive and thriving with all sorts of new developments. It seems to be growing by leaps and bounds ahead of any technology leaving the competition far behind.

With new items being developed and more time for the likes of additive manufacturing and reverse engineering to be used on a daily basis  it seems that 3d scanning and printing has grown very popular among the general public and is no longer isolated to digital manufacturing companies.

Of course, 3d scanning and 3d printing work efficiently together and the results it brings, due to its recent advancements, are of the highest quality, and rivaled by no other technology. It has undoubtedly become a major influence in shaping where we are at currently as a society.


Technology has advanced so far that even now it is possible to have a 3d scanner attached to an iPad and a smartphone to enable the ability to scan wherever and whenever we want. Things are rapidly changing and we have stepped our feet into a new digital age.

More and more people are learning about these types of technology on a daily basis, even now there are schools and classrooms all over the world that are introducing 3d printers to pupils in order to improve education quality and standards.

From health to education and everything in-between, it has influenced for the better. The services it provide and products it delivers through companies like NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc. is truly amazing. Read here to find out more on case studies by our company.